Find All-Foie Menus at Nombe, Fifth Floor, Txoko, and More

Nombe's foie gras ramen.
Nombe’s foie gras ramen. Photo: Courtesy of Nombe

You’ve got 22 days and counting before the California ban takes effect, and foie gras lovers near and far — and even those who may not love the stuff but will still vaguely miss it now and then — are planning out their last foie indulgences. Sonoma Artisan Foie Gras, our state’s only producer of foie gras, is actually seeing a major uptick in sales as the ban approaches, and that stands to reason. The other day we showed you 25 foie dishes to look for around the Bay, and today we bring you a selection of all-foie-gras tasting menus where you can get your fill in one fell swoop.

Nombe - June 21
First off, Nombe chef Noriyuki Sugie is doing a very reasonably priced foie-gras tasting menu for one night only featuring a foie and eel terrine; foie gras chawan-mushi; miso-marinated escolar with foie gras butter; and his foie gras ramen (which is actually available daily throughout the month). For dessert: aged mirin ice cream, balsamic-marinated strawberries, and grated foie gras. $49.95 per person, excluding tax and tip, with optional sake and wine pairings for $25 more.
Nombe - 2491 Mission Street - 415-681-7150

Fifth Floor - through June 30
As mentioned in our roundup, chef David Bazirgan is doing a somewhat fancier five-course menu featuring oysters with foie bearnaise; a foie terrine with Thai flavors; seared foie with caramelized lambs tongue, porcini, asparagus, sherry; a ballantine of squab with foie powder; and foie ice cream with a fried rhubarb pie. It’s $120, with pairings for an additional $75.
Fifth Floor - 12 4th Street, inside the Palomar Hotel - 415-348-1555

Txoko - June 12 to 14
Txoko has done a couple of foie gras prix fixes already, and due to popular demand they’ll be doing it again next week, for three days only. Previous dishes have included salt-cured foie torchon with scallop crudo, blood orange, caramelized fennel, and pain de mie; and crispy head cheese with pickled mushrooms, shaved foie gras, frisee, and mustard sauce. Make your reservations at Seat Me, and see our slideshow for another example dish.

Chaya Brasserie - June 18 to 30
Chaya is going a different route, not a tasting menu but a selection of à la carte foie items which will be available for two weeks, all at $17 apiece. They include seared foie gras nigiri; oakwood grilled American Wagyu beef with seared foie gras; and foie gras beignets with a port-wine reduction.

ALSO, be on the lookout for another possible foie dinner at Petite Syrah in Santa Rosa like the one they had last night; and Sacramento Bee informs of us three foie gras menus up in SacTown, at Bistro La Petite France, Osteria Fasulo, and Firehouse Restaurant.

Update: Zagat also points us to Stag Dining Group’s “Foie-ther’s Day Dinner” and Bisou Bistro’s three-course foie dinner on June 28. [Zagat]

Update 6/13: Another late addition to the list arrived today: Sister restaurants Ame and Bar Terra (in St. Helena) are both going to be offering same dish starting tonight, through June 30. It’s a bowl of ramen with Hokkaido-style noodles topped with seared foie gras, duck foie gras wontons, grilled corn, and mustard greens for $25.

Find All-Foie Menus at Nombe, Fifth Floor, Txoko, and More