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Adam Gertler Meets Robocop at Mozza, Opening Gertler’s Kitchen in L.A.

Gertler Photo: Adam Gertler

The Food Network’s Adam Gertler recently held a series of two-day pop-ups at Santa Monica dive-bar TRiP to test-drive his forthcoming new restaurant concept, Gertler’s Kitchen. The project, currently in need of a location, is coming from a collaboration between Gertler and his brother, Keith, which includes the chef’s hand-smoked sausages, including a “reuben dog,” smoked pork wurst with Fresno chiles, and Polish-style poultry wieners called “The Chicken Wijeska.” Gertler also spent a moment with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss how he like to dine in L.A. during which he gets very excited recounting a funny meeting of great celebrity coincidence at Mozza. What did Gertler have to say about meeting one of his heroes?

Gertler recalls, “the reason I love it so much is because the sommelier asked me what my favorite movie was in a cheeky attempt to surmise my taste. I responded Robocop, because it is. He then said, “Oh, I believe he’s here tonight.” I said, ‘What? Peter Weller is here? You just keep Peter Weller in the back in the event you might need to sell a rare Super Tuscan?’ Before the end of the next course I was having a real conversation about food with Peter fucking Weller.”

Here’s hoping Weller addressed him in his best Robocop voice with the infamous greeting, “Looking for me?”

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Adam Gertler Meets Robocop at Mozza, Opening Gertler’s Kitchen in L.A.