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7-Eleven Pretty Sure the Soda Ban Won’t Affect Big Gulps

Fill 'er up!
Fill ‘er up! Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Since Bloomberg announced his soda ban on Wednesday, the Big Gulp has become the de facto poster beverage of oversized soda consumption. So we called 7-Eleven to see what they think of the forthcoming ban on large-format soft drinks in light of their rapid New York expansion. Sounds like they’re not really sweating it.

The chain points out the ban doesn’t necessarily apply to bodegas and convenience stores, which is exactly what 7-Eleven purports to be (note the underline emphasis is 7-Eleven’s, not ours):

We are reserving public comment on this issue until we have a chance to review the actual written proposal, determine what impact it may have on 7-Eleven stores in NYC and discuss with our trade associations. Right now, according Thursday’s New York Times article and other third-party sources, the measure would not apply to beverages sold in grocery or convenience stores, and we are a convenience store.

Your move, Mayor.

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7-Eleven Pretty Sure the Soda Ban Won’t Affect Big Gulps