1933 Group Opening Hollywood’s Sassafrass in July

Is it too early for mint juleps?
Is it too early for mint juleps? Photo: Daquella manera via Flickr

1933 Group, the nightlife guys behind Oldfield’s, La Cuevita, Thirsty Crow, and Bigfoot Lodge, will open their first Hollywood venue next month on Vine. Called Sassafrass, this will be the company’s seventh themed bar and the largest to date at 3,000-square feet. Not to be confused with this children’s book of nearly the same name, Sassafrass will designed by 1933 co-owner and head designer Bobby Green to reflect a distinctive vibe from the “deep-old South,” which instantly scares the shit out of us. But these blokes are great at keeping their themes tasteful, raising hopes that Green’s coming collection of vintage Southern relics won’t fight for The Confederacy. Politickin’ and such aside, what will you drink here?

The hooch of choice here will be barrel-aged cocktails, as well as drinks involving roots like sarsaparilla and the venue’s own namesake, sassafras. Meanwhile, the company plans to have live music in the genres of Americana, Southern, and roots (that’s obviously more like this kind of roots, not this), as well as indoor and outdoor spaces for Hollywood’s moonshiners. The bar is looking towards an opening in July and will serve Hollywood seven nights a week.

Sassafrass, 1233 N. Vine St. Hollywood.

1933 Group Opening Hollywood’s Sassafrass in July