Xi’an Famous Foods Will Open Biang! on Sunday

That says 'Biang!'
That says ‘Biang!’

That Xi’an Famous Foods sit-down restaurant we told you about is set to debut to the world on Sunday. It’s called Biang!, which manager Jason Wang tells us via e-mail is “an onomatopoeia for the sound of the noodle when it’s being pulled and whacked against a work surface. It’s a local dialect of Xi’an and Shaanxi province.”

A peek at the menu shows that many of Xi’an Famous Foods’s noodle dishes will be served (liang pi, cumin lamb), but there’s tons of new stuff too. Dishes making their debut include several salads, skewers of beef stomach or wheat gluten, a buckwheat pudding with spicy dipping sauce, and cubes of pig’s blood in a garlic-chile-vinegar sauce. So some new flavors for Western palates! If you want to see how all this tastes, the restaurant is giving half off meals on Sunday to anyone who RSVPs via Facebook then shows up and fills out a survey. Sign up for that here, and see the menu below.


Biang!, 41-10 Main St., nr. 41st Ave., Flushing

Xi’an Famous Foods Will Open Biang! on Sunday