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Xfinity Live Parties a Little Too Hard; Serves Minors

Let's go Flyers!
Let’s go Flyers! Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

It’s been a little more than a month since Xfinity Live opened in the heart of Philly’s sports complex, and already there’s signs of trouble for the colossal party zone. Seems some sports fans are enjoying themselves a little too much, and even worse, bars there are serving minors. Fox News reports that police have seen spike in public drunkenness and related incidents since Xfinity Live opened in late March. The local affiliate’s cameras have recorded dozens of fans wobbling, staggering and some so tipsy that they can’t stand on their own two feet as they’re escorted by security out of the so-called “family friendly” complex. In a related piece, we learn that LCB caught Xfinity’s bars serving minors.

Undercover LCB investigators showed up at Sunday’s Flyers-Penguins matchup to look into claims of overcrowding and fights. According to the report, they also brought along a minor who was sold booze five different times. While a citation for the underage boozer is inevitable, Xfinity reps deny allegations of crowds and violence.

How can any of this come as surprise? The space caters to a crowd that’s accustomed to chugging and shotgunning beers in the sports complex’s sprawling parking lots hours before games begin, and it’s home to more than six drinking establishments that have scantily clad women presiding over large, ice and beer-filled troughs stationed about every ten feet. Honestly, it’s a miracle that anyone leaves sober.

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Xfinity Live Parties a Little Too Hard; Serves Minors