Stiffed: Eleven Celebrities Who Are Terrible Tippers
Did Rachael Ray spread the gospel of bad tipping?

When celebrities hit restaurants, they’re marked diners. Servers and other customers will inevitably report on a famous person’s dinner out, which is why plenty of celebs know that leaving a big tip can turn into good P.R. Unfortunately, some celebs just haven’t gotten the hint. (Even Grub Street, during our table-waiting days, once got stiffed by a Hollywood hot shot.) So we’ve put together this list of stories about stingy celebs. Think of this as part fun, part public service. When these boldfaced names walk into your restaurants, you’d be better off letting someone else handle the table.

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In 2009, the pop tart was accused of eating at Outback Steakhouse in Burbank with her sister. After consuming $70 worth of food, she reportedly bailed without leaving a dime. We’ll blame the salvia. Photo: ROBYN BECK/2012 AFP
People have long accused the TV star of being a bad tipper, as well as spreading the gospel of low gratuity on her show $40 a Day, on which she advised that 7 percent is sufficient, leading to heaps of scorn from couch potatoes. Photo: Mike Coppola/2011 Getty Images
The Hung actress was accused in 2009 of ditching her tab at Barney Greengrass, as reported via Twitter by a soon-to-be-fired waiter. Adding insult to injury, she had her agent go back the next day to pay the bill, sans gratuity. Photo: Jason Merritt/2010 Getty Images
The pro was called out by “Page Six” in 2009 for exploits of a different sort in Vegas. Apparently, Woods would whoop it up with a girlfriend and while he would at least take care of the bill, she’d be stuck for hundreds of dollars worth of tips to make up for his not-so-gratuitous attitude. Photo: Sam Greenwood/2012 Getty Images
In 2008, a server snitched on the actress after she made repeated visits to an unnamed West Hollywood restaurant. After getting her meal on the house from a manager, Dunst supposedly left without plunking down a red cent for the waitstaff. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/2012 Getty Images
Even before he left Cleveland, the baller was losing friends in his home state after making a trip to XO Prime Steaks in 2008 and making a waiter quit over a ten-dollar tip on an $800 tab. Photo: Jeff Zelevansky/2012 Getty Images
In 2007, former New York bartender-turned-author Katherine Taylor spilled secrets about Madge and other celebrities leaving no tip at her workplace. What happened to being a material girl? Photo: Stephen Lovekin/2012 Getty Images
In a case of tag-team bad tipping, the two celebrity wives were railed at in 2007 after leaving Asia de Cuba in L.A. without plunking down a tip on their bill. When the waitress tried to confront them, Beckham’s security team intervened. Photo: Jeff Vespa/VF12/2012 Jeff Vespa/VF12
A server dropped a dime on Duff in 2007 when she was kind enough to pay for her drinks and boyfriend’s meal, only to reward the servers with a relatively measly 10 percent tip. Photo: DAVID CROTTY/? Patrick McMullan
The rapper and Pimp My Ride host was apparently wearing a $500,000 rock-encrusted watch on the day in 2007 when he hit Arnie Morton’s in L.A. and left a measly $100 on a $1,700 tab. He later confronted the restaurant and insisted it was a result of bad service. Photo: Mark Kolbe/2011 Getty Images
Probably the douchiest tale of tipping gone bad, the Entourage star was told to stay out of Nobu’s house when, after hitting the Aspen location without reservations alongside twelve friends in 2007, his “tip” was an Entourage DVD set. Photo: John Shearer/2012 Getty Images
Stiffed: Eleven Celebrities Who Are Terrible Tippers