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Two Takes on Nomad Pizza; Rebel Rock Bar & Bites ‘Doesn’t Rock’

• In a promising two-dinger review, Craig LaBan notes that Philly’s influx of new pizza places “are not the same.” But the pies from Nomad Pizza, one of the latest pizzerias to enter the scene, “are as close to perfection as [he’s] tasted this side of Napoli.” The crust’s “complex malty sweetness,” the “elegant constellation of char-spots,” and the “profoundly roasted flavor that lingers for hours after the meal is over” combined with the “sunbeam of vivid tomato” that the uncooked sauce puts forth makes the pies winners. [Inquirer]

• Adam Erace also checks out Nomad, where he endured an acute case of “Malcolm McDowell-induced indigestion” while A Clockwork Orange played on the pizzeria’s projection screen for movie night. He too gives it up for Nomad’s “winning” pies, noting the crust’s “dynamic, chewy/crispy texture and yeasty, subtly sour flavor.” [Citypaper]

• The Weekly’s Leah Blewett weighs in on Rebel Rock Bar & Bites and reports that it “disappointed on all fronts.” Though the food showed “notable bright spots,” the “apathetic,” “dispassionate and tepid” staff proved that the rock bar “doesn’t rock” so much. [PW]

Two Takes on Nomad Pizza; Rebel Rock Bar & Bites ‘Doesn’t