Trigger Looks to Be Closing in the Castro; Lime May Be In Trouble Too

Trigger Photo: Courtesy of Trigger

The Castro bar empire of Greg Bronstein is still endangered as Grub Street discovers today that Trigger (2344 Market Street) looks to be closing within weeks or months. In early March, Bronstein had two liquor licenses briefly suspended over unpaid taxes, at both Trigger and nearby Lime (2247 Market Street), which got rectified and both bars reopened quickly after only a day or two of being closed. But rumors of Bronstein’s financial troubles have abounded over the years, and now we find him selling the license for Trigger altogether, which would mean that a closure is not far away.

The license is being bought by Patxi’s for their Fillmore location, and given the typical timing of liquor license transfers, we’d put this out about two to three months. The bar may of course shutter before that, but it’s likely going on the market as well. (It will then be up to a new owner to get a liquor license for the space.)

Meanwhile, the West Hollywood-esque Trigger remains open — though they’re keeping some odd hours, opening at 9:30 on some weeknights. And Lime remains open, with their notoriously boozy, shitshowy brunch, though we have to wonder if it won’t be giving up the ghost soon too.

As we discussed before, Bronstein’s investment in the neighborhood, which once included the restaurants Blue, Luna, the former Bar on Castro, and the former Transfer/Bar on Church, has shrunk in recent years as he’s sold off the businesses.

Stay tuned.

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Trigger Looks to Be Closing in the Castro; Lime May Be In Trouble Too