More Than Just Pig’s Feet: Trestle Inn Updates Its Menu

Trestle Inn
Trestle Inn Photo: Trestle Inn

There was a time when no self respecting human being would dare grab a bite to eat at the dirty old jiggle joint Trestle Inn. And if they did, the only options were pigs feet and beef jerky. But since the bar underwent its amazing transformation, the food options have improved exponentially. You can still get your pigs feet and jerky fix, but there’s plenty more at the Eraserhood hot spot. And this week, the menu’s been tweaked for spring. They’re now serving what they’re calling “Protein & Dairy,” a spread of house-cured meats and charcuterie, local cheeses, and assorted accoutrements; “Daily Dose of Sausage,” housemade sausage du jour with fixin’s and condiments on a hoagie roll; and a cauliflower steak, grilled sous vide cauliflower, quinoa sprouts, veganaise, and grilled multigrain bread. Keep reading to peep the menu in its entirety.

Click here to view the Trestle Inn’s newly updated menu.

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More Than Just Pig’s Feet: Trestle Inn Updates Its Menu