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Todd English in Hot Water (Again) Over Missed Rent Payments

“My accountant handles that!” Photo: Patrick McMullan

When your lawsuit empire threatens to dwarf your restaurant empire, it’s time for soul-searching. The Globe reports that beleaguered chef Todd English has been sued for more than $1 million in unpaid rent for Kingfish Hall, the Boston restaurant that he continually insisted would stay open despite all signs pointing to the contrary. (Not one to dwell, he later told the Globe that he’d probably move on to new projects.) Reportedly, English has failed to pony up for more than a year after an initial judgment was filed, so things are getting serious. But, as ever, life somehow isn’t all bad for Teflon Todd.

For one thing, his other landmark Boston restaurant, Olives, has finally reopened after a series of false starts and a $200,000 grease fire. He’s also onto this new trend where people no longer eat “meals.” This revelation comes at quite a fortunate time, since the Globe reports that at least five suits have been filed against him over unpaid bills and restaurant closures recently.

Clearly Todd needs to go home and take a long look in the mirror. Though this might prove problematic, too, since he’s also accused of failing to pay about $80,000 in rent at his Manhattan loft.

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Todd English in Hot Water (Again) Over Missed Rent Payments