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Teen Who Stole Fieri’s Lambo Identified

A Lambo like Fieri's.
A Lambo like Fieri’s. Photo: CBS 5

The seventeen-year-old cat burglar and ne’er-do-well who stole Guy Fieri’s $200,000 Lamborghini last year and hid it in a Richmond storage facility has been identified as Max Wade of San Rafael. Wade is being held on two million dollars bail right now on seven felony charges including burglary, grand theft auto, possession of a stolen vehicle, and the big one (which could carry two sentences of fifteen years to life): attempted murder. Marin County authorities had been tracking Wade following an April 13 incident in which he, dressed in black with a black helmet on a black motorcycle, allegedly fired a gun at two people he obviously knew who were sitting in a parked vehicle in Mill Valley.

The victims in that incident, Landon Wahlstrom, 18, and a juvenile female, say that Wade fired at them at close range, injuring them with broken glass. They were otherwise unharmed.

Marin sheriffs found the motorcycle and “other items” used in the shooting in the same storage container at CSI Mini Storage facility (855 Parr Boulevard, Richmond) where they found Fieri’s yellow 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.

Wade is believed to have been the person who rappelled into the British Motor Cars dealership on Van Ness Avenue in March 2011 and took off with the car across the Golden Gate Bridge.

We’re guessing that Wade was likely sad about not being able to drive that bad boy around the Bay, for fear of attracting attention, and that all he did was wax it and pet it and sit in it a lot for the past year.

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Teen Who Stole Fieri’s Lambo Identified