Steve Edelson Again Under Fire for Silver Lake’s Bangin’ Nightlife

It does sound like fun for kids!
It does sound like fun for kids! Photo: Los Globos

Basically, if you seek the remote possibility of having a good time in a town that shuts down at 2:00 A.M., it makes the most sense to stay on the trail of Steve Edelson. Last fall, the nightlife don and his posse were taking an earful about all the great fun to be had in and around Edelson’s El Cid, where club-goers were accused of—GASP!—getting wasted, chatting and laughing nonstop, and even doing each other on the neighbors’ front lawns, eventually calling down the hammer of City Council Chief Executive, “Freeway” Ricky Ross associate, and mayoral-candidate Eric Garcetti, who taunted the club with a shutdown. Now, the same kind of narcing neighbors are in a twit about Los Globos, the club Edelson recently purchased and turned out further east on Sunset by moving parties like A Club Called Rhonda here from El Cid.

Whereas Los Globos used to just have the problems of your everyday run-of-the-mill stabby disco, The L.A. Weekly now paints a picture of a twenty-something’s paradise, where the still-sorta-young get to dance until 6:00 A.M., cavort drunkenly on the streets, pee freely on the sidewalk, and ‘git some’ over the cold comfort of a grassy lawn providing their dewy davenport. Oh, and the story also references “an excessive amount of motorcycles,” which are in fairness, totally annoying.

Now some of Los Globos neighbors are raising a stink about all the fun and making it look like Edelson is The Coachman to Silver Lake’s Pleasure Island. Last week a public meeting was filled with both those who would condemn and support Edelson’s ventures, including plans to take over La Parilla’s empty storefront with apartments and a new diner called The Westerly Coffee Shop. Hilariously, one public safety committee member has suggested he’s opening a “sex hotel” there, despite him touring her through the place t see it was just a cafe.

Naturally, Edelson thinks he’s being unfairly targeted, as there are several other music venues on Sunset also holding concerts and parties, just maybe not as bangin’ as his, figuratively and literally it would seem. The owner claims there’s no solid evidence linking his club to the crowd pissing off (and on) the neighborhood and calls the furor around his establishments a “witch hunt.” Meanwhile, one of the neighbors, angry at the number of liquor licenses granted in the area, tells the Weekly, “Los Globos was always an issue but nothing like what is happening now.”

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Steve Edelson Again Under Fire for Silver Lake’s Bangin’ Nightlife