What to Lick at Sprinkles Ice Cream, Opening Tomorrow

Red velvet crumbs are a topping
Red velvet crumbs are a topping Photo: Sprinkles Ice Cream

Having launched a far east outlet and after endowing the world with its first (totally necessary) cupcake ATM, Sprinkles next dips into the world of frozen sweets with the opening of Sprinkles Ice Cream tomorrow in Beverly Hills. Standing next to the original Sprinkles, this modern ice cream parlor will offer several slow-churned flavors using organic California dairy including traditional mint chip, triple chocolate, and vanilla bean, as well as original tastes like Cap’n Crunch and red velvet.

Scoops can be ordered in red velvet waffle cones, made into sundaes with in-house sauces, and smashed between cupcake tops to embody the cupcake-ice cream synergy that you probably showed up expecting.

Sprinkles Ice Cream is also in the cookie business, promising cookies that are crisp on the shell, soft in the middle, and using hand rolled dough, butter styled after the European model, and Madagascar bourbon vanilla for flavors like snickerdoodle, peanut butter pretzel chip, and double chocolate chip. All the flavors can be judged prematurely on Sprinkles Ice Cream’s website or you can try them tomorrow morning when it debuts on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Sprinkles Ice Cream, 9631 S. Santa Monica Blvd. Beverly Hills. 310-274-7890.

What to Lick at Sprinkles Ice Cream, Opening Tomorrow