Spot Check

Spot Check: Morgan’s Pier, 6:30 p.m., Thursday, 5/24

Morgan's Pier
Morgan’s Pier Photo: Collin Keefe

Last night Avram Hornik and his team opened Morgan’s Pier for a preview party. The space, its design and the overall vibe is clearly the most civilized (read: non-douchey) venture to occupy the space to date. With reclaimed wood decking, vintage patio furniture and picnic tables, David Fierabend of Groundswell Design Group, who also came up with the look and feel of Talula’s Garden, created a breezy scheme reminiscent of a backyard barbecue. But rather than overlooking a large tract of suburban McMansions, this space presents magnificent panoramic views of the Delaware River and the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.

Both of Morgan’s Pier’s bars steadily pulled draught beers, slung ice cold craft cans, and poured an interesting array of cocktails, including a wheat beer-spiked watermelon ricky, bourbon lemonade and fresh squeezed margaritas.

Meme’s David Katz, who is the consulting chef, was on hand, ensuring that the kitchen staff he’s training was meeting his high standards while turning out the menu he developed. In coming weeks he will host a series of cookouts with Michael Solomonov, Kevin Sbraga and Terence Feury. He told Grub that Sbraga is bringing a Brazilian barbecue, and that he and Feury will roast a whole pig.

Hornick gracefully worked the crowd, shaking hands and chatting up just about everyone in attendance. When asked about what was next for he and his company, he replied, “I can’t talk about that now. My wife’s going to call a divorce lawyer if I don’t stop working all the time.”

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Spot Check: Morgan’s Pier, 6:30 p.m., Thursday, 5/24