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Sang Yoon Unveils Private Kitchen Series, Cosentino First Up to the Plate

Cosentino, author
Cosentino, author Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Next Thursday, May 31, Sang Yoon will debut a new series called “Private Kitchen,” held on the patio of his Lukshon-adjacent test kitchen. The first event will center on a family-style dinner prepared by both Yoon and Chris Cosentino to celebrate the Pigg and Incanto chef’s new cookbook, Beginnings (My Way to Start a Meal). The chefs will prepare several dishes together from the new book of recipes, including braised pork with clams, a crostini with marinated sardines and nduja, and passed apps of lardo-wrapped fruit from Cosentino’s Boccalone. Want to see the menu?

Yoon’s sommeliers from Lukshon will pair three wines to the menu, which can be seen in full below. The meal starts at a very New York hour of 8:30 P.M. and seating is limited for guests shelling out $90, before tax and gratuity. To buy a copy of the book, it’s an extra $25. Or you could try to cut out the middleman and just buy the book by itself, if you think you can handle making your own salumi cones.

Tickets can be purchased at 310-202-6808 or made via email. Limited seating, please contact 310-202-6808 to purchase tickets.

Sang Yoon’s Private Kitchen Patio
Helm’s Bakery
8758 Venice Blvd LA, CA 90034
Thursday, May 31
8:30 PM
$90 price does not include tax, gratuity, or cookbook

Passed Apps

Bloody Roman (Cosentino’s Bloody Mary variation with beer and oysters)
Salumi cones and lardo-wrapped fruit

Family-style dinner with three accompanying wines

Marinated Sardine & Nduja Crostini
Fava Beans, Strawberries and Pecorino Salad
Braised Pork & Clams
Asparagus, Spring Potatoes, Crème Fraiche & Caviar
Warm Cherries with Saba Zabaglione

Sang Yoon Unveils Private Kitchen Series, Cosentino First Up to the Plate