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Retired Cop Saves Date (and Dinner) at 3rd Street Stop

Serving and protecting your tuna tartare
Serving and protecting your tuna tartare Photo: GCFarich via Flickr

Conservative-leaning rag The Washington Times uses a recently botched robbery attempt at a Los Angeles restaurant to make the case that California should “ease up on arbitrary gun restrictions.” We think there are more than enough guns on our streets, but still the story is kind of kick-ass. Earlier this month, a retired Oxnard cop named Kio Ebrahimzadeh was eating dinner with a date at Beverly Hills-adjacent 3rd Stop, when a dude came by asking for their food. After the couple rejected the man and asked him to leave them alone, he went for his knife and demanded the food. In a solid counter-move, Ebrahimzadeh pulled a Glock 40 out of his bag and ordered the man to drop his weapon. The attempted assaulter then paraphrased Marion Berry (“You set me up!”) and made a run for it, with Ebrahimzadeh on his trail, gun in hand.

The criminal tried to hole up in an unlocked building nearby where a commercial shoot was taking place and got cornered trapped in the bathroom, where he stayed guarded by Ebrahmzadeh until the SWAT team showed up and arrested him.

We’re checking in with the restaurant since, as you know, some of these “fair-and-balanced” types get a little loose with the truth from time-to-time. But anyway, that’s the good stuff, hopefully saving everyone a slog through the paranoid insistence that we should all be packing if we’re to protect our Angus sliders from knife-wielding villains.

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Retired Cop Saves Date (and Dinner) at 3rd Street Stop