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Pizza Causes a Congressional Food Fight

Veggie-licious Photo: Spiga

The battle over school lunches is back in the headlines. And it’s not about whether serving soda with the Salisbury steaks and tater tots constitutes a “balanced meal.” But again, right in the center of the controversy is the troublemaker of the veggie world: the tomato.

According to Time, a Colorado congressman is fighting to get pizza booted off the veggie list and has introduced the school lunch improvements for children’s education act, aka, the SLICE act.

A loophole declaring that an eighth of a cup of tomato paste is worth as much nutritionally as a half a cup of veggies let pizza into the veggie category. And for some reason, Congress is fighting to keep it there.

In other news, eight-year-olds across America have promised to eat their veggies every day. [Time]

Pizza Causes a Congressional Food Fight