Bonito In New York

It’s Okonomiyaki Time!

Flake-out Photo: Mitt/Wikimedia

The claustrophobic Otafuku in the East Village is always a sure bet to find okonomiyaki, since it’s one of two things the takeout shop sells. Yet when it comes to us and the crispy, Kewpie–drenched, squid-laced Japanese pancake, we say the more okonomiyaki we can get out there on the streets of New York, the better we’ll be. Which is why we’re excited about the following two things.

Falling into the category of temporary okonomiyaki solutions is the news that Kazuko Nagao (of the site pecopeco!) will serve $5 Hiroshima–style okonomiyaki with ale pairings tonight at Jimmy’s 43 from 7 to 10 p.m., then again next Wednesday.

Also, it seems that an okonomiyaki truck is set to hit the streets of Manhattan in a few weeks. Like Otafuku, the Okadaman truck will serve okonomiyaki and the fried octopus balls, takoyaki, but will also sell yakisoba and sweet-and-sour-sauced chicken karaage. The truck’s chef will also be bring the Codd-neck bottled drink Ramune to the streets. Refreshing. For now, check in with the truck’s website until they get the griddle up and running.

It’s Okonomiyaki Time!