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Nostalgia Food for the Masses; Rating the New Food Trucks

• Devra First gave the First Printer restaurant a rating of one star. She writes that despite the restaurant’s “advantage of nostalgia’s current cachet” the food is too everyday, being “built for comfort more than style.” Perhaps a higher rating would come from catering exclusively to hipster grandparents and babies? [Globe]

• The Herald rated the new additions to this year’s food truck initiative, giving Mei Mei the highest grade of the bunch with A- for their take on Chinese American. The Chicken & Rice Guys received the lowest grade, a C-, for what the Herald thought were “limited options”. In defense of chicken and rice, it usually is just, well, chicken and rice (plus the white sauce, never forget that.) [Herald]

• Chowda selected the best craft beer in New England after sampling 33 beers, ending with a list of 15. Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project, Slumbrew and Cambridge Brewing Company made the list. [Boston Magazine]

• Yankee Magazine named Somerville’s own Taza chocolate a “Best Indulgence” in their May/June Travel Guide to New England. In my world, best everyday snack. [Twitter]

• A new Travel Channel show overlooks Massachusetts in the hunt for the best sandwich. Clearly Adam Richman must not worship a lobster roll the way we do, but what about a spuckie? []

Nostalgia Food for the Masses; Rating the New Food Trucks