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Move Over Plastic: Veggies Make it Possible, and Pricey

Mmm…bio-plastics. Photo: Photo: Courtesy of Ecospan

The amount of waste from things like water bottles always makes for a disheartening statistic. Going to the moon and back on a bridge of non-biodegradable plastic can make even the most avid recycler cringe. But a new trend in plastics could make a dent in the lunar bottle chain…one day.

According to an article in today’s Inquirer, Exton-based bio-plastics manufacturer Ecospan is making products like cell phone covers and cosmetics cases out of veggie-based materials known as bio resins. They’ve even got an entire line of “hospitality” products for hotels that are looking for greener solutions.

Right now, bio-plastics, account for less than 1 percent of the total plastics used. But company officials are hoping that the growing popularity of environmentally sustainable lifestyles makes mass production of these types of products increasingly feasible.

The current veggie-based product is 25 - 100 percent more expensive than traditional plastic.

Move Over Plastic: Veggies Make it Possible, and Pricey