Michael Voltaggio Lives The Fast Life in Sonoma

Voltaggio was a racecar driver
Voltaggio was a racecar driver Photo: Charley Gallay, WireImage

Michael Voltaggio appears to be scratching some pretty cool items off of his bucket list. First, we learn that the ink. chef will be an artist-in-residence alongside Danny Elfman and Raphael Saadiq next month at the L.A. Film Festival and today we get our hands on a couple of photos of the chef learning to drive a race car. Apparently, Audi let a few celebrities handle some of their faster rides this weekend in Sonoma, giving a few hours of instructional driving before putting the cars onto a professional, high-performance racetrack.

Volt and the R8

Among the talent assembled to help wave a checkered flag were Foster the People’s Mark Foster and Josh Hutcherson from Hunger Games. According to organizers, Voltaggio bailed restaurant duty on Saturday night just to break his cherry on a real racetrack and later told them it was his “best day off ever.” In any case, we thought you’d appreciate these macho glamor shots of Voltaggio looking like the most stoked person alive aside the TTRS, above, and right here, in an Audi R8. For his next act, we simply insist the chef must strap himself to Morgan Freeman and jump out of a plane.

Michael Voltaggio Lives The Fast Life in Sonoma