Michael Muser Joins Grace As Wine Director

Michael Muser.
Michael Muser. Photo: courtesy Michael Muser via Facebook

If you’re opening a highly ambitious restaurant, you want to search the world for the best possible candidate for sommelier. Well, unless you already know the guy you want. Chef Curtis Duffy and sommelier Michael Muser worked together at Avenues in the Peninsula Hotel, earning three James Beard Foundation nominations for outstanding wine service and a Jean Banchet Awards nomination for best sommelier.

Now Duffy announces that Muser will be leaving the Peninsula May 31 to join Grace, his upcoming fine dining restaurant, as a partner, general manager and sommelier, directing the front of house. The two have a shared love for motorcycles, but more importantly have similar views on how Duffy’s cuisine works with certain wines, notably from the Loire and Rhone regions of France. Grace, which will be at the east end of the Randolph Street restaurant corridor, expects to open in the fall.

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Michael Muser Joins Grace As Wine Director