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Meat Substitutes: Tempeh-Based Salmonella Sickens 80

“Don’t blame us.” Photo: iStockphoto

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan, it’s that there is certainly nothing pretty about meat processing. Images of crowded feed lots, filthy kill floors, and diseased livestock take much of the pleasure out of eating meat for many of us. But if you think you’re safe eating your faux meats, you’d better think again! In North Carolina, more than 80 people have been sickened with salmonella and they didn’t get it from eating cheeseburgers or pork chops. The culprit is the meatless wonder tempeh.

According to the AP, health officials in North Carolina were perplexed when they zeroed in on the offending soy-based meat substitute. Apparently, it’s not even on the list of foodstuffs that they use when interviewing those sickened in such outbreaks. Nevertheless, the wave of salmonella was traced back to the starter culture used by Smiling Hara Tempeh. And now the Food and Drug Administration is trying to determine where the infected culture came from.

Salmonella cases from meat substitute top 80 [AP via JDNews]

Meat Substitutes: Tempeh-Based Salmonella Sickens 80