Marine-Owned ‘Bastards’ Butts Heads With Downey’s ‘Character Counts’ Campaign

Bastard’s Photo: Bastard’s

Downey has been trying to uplift its image through a positive new campaign called “Character Counts,” which appeals to residents to embrace and honor their civic pride. This presents a big problem now that a former Marine is ready to open a new pub called “Bastards” as an upgrade to the city’s once down-and-out Downtown BBQ Co. Nick Velez’s new bar and restaurant is named “Bastards,” not in some kind of winking Pinche’s Tacos way, but as an honorific to the 2/4, the owners’ old infantry battalion, legendarily nick-named the “Magnificent Bastards.”

When signage recently went up at the place, a firestorm quickly erupted that now finds Velez’s permits and business license stuck in a quagmire of distressed seniors and hand-wringing administrators. Now battle lines are forming, with talk of an on-site protest if the business opens as planned.

One one side you have a veteran-staffed bar with a military theme, on the other, a city trying to overcome its past with a more uplifting attitude. We’d love to know what you think. Is a restaurant named Bastards simply just a curse for the city? Or is this a commemoration of something important from a man who fought to say whatever he wishes to, that should merit some civic pride? We’d love to know our readers’ thoughts about the debate in our comments.

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Marine-Owned ‘Bastards’ Butts Heads With Downey’s ‘Character Counts’ Campaign