Kirby’s Kitchen Kloses, Rekoncepts

Sad! The Everett spot opened a few months ago from jovial Myers + Chang alum Bob Botchie. Apparently he’s reconcepting the space and posted details on Facebook.

“Attention Kirby’s fans: Whether due to the struggling economy, the difficulty of our location, or the wrath of the universe, we have decided to end this incarnation of Kirby’s Kitchen. Low volume of sales has made it necessary for us to reimagine the concept of our wonderful place. We are going to focus on crafting and selling our hand-made products; such as jams, cheeses, cured meats, condiments, and of course pickles. We will be transforming Kirby’s into an amalgamation of country market, deli, cafe, and bar.

This was our original concept, and we moved away from it to facilitate the rapid birth of the restaurant. We will be paring down the current menu (keeping a few of your favorites), and focusing more on creating quality products for you to take home and enjoy. This, we hope, will help us get serious brand recognition as well as raise the kind of capitol we need to eventually reopen the restaurant as the kind of place we originally envisioned for Kirby’s, as opposed to the place we had to be to open when we did. We hope that we may continue to count on your support, and apologise for any inconvenience this may pose to your dining plans. We will be closed for a few days to regroup and revamp, but as soon as we are ready you can come back in for a drink, a quick bite to eat, or buy some of the products you’ve already grown to love from Kirby’s. Thanks for your support.”

Good luck, BB!

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Kirby’s Kitchen Kloses, Rekoncepts