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L.A.’s King Taco Sues Boston’s King Tacos

There can only be one king
There can only be one king Photo: King Taco

L.A.’s 38-year-old King Taco empire is acting a little more like litigation-happy In-N-Out Burger these days, as the chain is suing a Boston-area taqueria named King Tacos for trademark infringement. The lawsuit follows an attempt in January to get Chelsea’s King Tacos to cease and desist using this royal name. King Tacos, which claims just one store, agreed to a name-change that never actually happened, bringing down the scepter of its 20-store-strong SoCal competitor.

California’s King Taco tells the Mass. Market blog that it has plans to expand outside of the Golden State and thus needs to reserve the regal title, even though the differences between a Boston taco shop and an L.A. taqueria should probably be pretty clear with the first bite. But there you go: Tacos, once a force for national unity, are suddenly tearing this country apart.

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L.A.’s King Taco Sues Boston’s King Tacos