Jasper White: Lobster Savior

Not destined for mayonnaise and a bun.
Not destined for mayonnaise and a bun. Photo: AP/NEA

The Summer Shack’s Jasper White accidentally discovered an extremely rare calico lobster while cleaning out his Cambridge lobster tank the other day. Instead of cooking the 1-in-30-million yellow crustacean, though, White gamely turned the dappled creature over to the New England Aquarium. A virtuous choice, to be sure; think how much he could’ve made selling a rare lobster! He could’ve turned it into some kind of rare-lobster dinner and alerted an army of publicists!

But no: Instead, White kindly fed his new lobster friend (named Calvin) a tasty diet of “fresh squid and soft shell crab,” reports the Times. “He had a wonderful time, I doubt if he’ll ever eat as well,” White says. Best of all, Calico Calvin didn’t have to wait for a table.

Rare Calico Lobster Is Spared From Menu [NYT]

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Jasper White: Lobster Savior