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‘Junk’ Food: Did Some Guy Really Serve His Own Genitals to People?

“Why did you use such a dull knife?!” Photo: Gustaf Brundin/iStockphoto

Fair warning, you can’t un-read this story once you go past this sentence — it’s gonna get gross. Apparently, a Japanese chef and self-described asexual named Mao Sugiyama cooked up his own genitals last month, and five lucky foodies showed up to eat them for $250 a plate. At least, HuffPo thinks so. (Even in video form!). They picked up on a story from CalorieLab that says Sugiyama underwent elective castration in April, shortly after his 22nd birthday, then “divvied up the severed penis shaft, testicles, and scrotal skin between five people, and garnished it with button mushrooms and Italian parsley.” (We tried warning you.) We’ll spare you the photos because they are ungodly and horrific and you will want to pull your eyeballs from their sockets if you see them, but suffice it to say HuffPo ran ‘em anyway. Consider us very, very skeptical on this particular story because, really, how is this not a hoax? And how could it possibly be legal?

CalorieLab explains that they contacted local police in Tokyo who said they’d received many calls and complaints from citizens about the event, but that they couldn’t do anything about it because there is no law prohibiting cannibalism in Japan. But would the cops really not even look into this? They’ll just take some cock-cooking lunatic at his word that what he was serving was his own junk? We’re not so sure.

As the Cornell Legal Information Institute explains, there’s technically no law against cannibalism in the U.S., either, but that’s mostly because if you are eating a person, you either killed them, or you had to desecrate their corpse to get the meat, and all that is illegal. Even still, we bet if someone went through with a similar stunt in the U.S., the police would be all over it.

God, is it the weekend yet?

Tokyo Transsexual Cooks and Serves His Own Genitals at Public “Ham Cybele” Banquet, Police Shrug, “It’s Not Illegal” [CalorieLab]

Update: The AFP is on the case. [AFP]

‘Junk’ Food: Did Some Guy Really Serve His Own Genitals to