Caviar Wishes and Vindaloo Dreams

Let’s Bring a High-End Indian Restaurant to the Seaport

More please.
More please. Photo: Brian J. Lapseritis

The Herald reports that developers want to put a floating restaurant near the Bank of America pavilion, close to the megaplex that houses swankeries like Legal Harborside. The waterfront has enjoyed a boom of fancy new restaurants (Temazcal, Strega, and on and on), and although it’d be great to get some lower-end fare into the mix, chances of that happening seem low. So why not a high-end Indian restaurant? It’s something we’ve discussed here before; for some odd reason, Boston has a dearth of fine-dining Indian spots.

Maybe our local market doesn’t have the need, but since the Seaport area is rife with tourists, suburban pilgrims, and other people happy and willing to spend money, it coud be a safe bet. The added bonus: Those of us who really do crave a fine Indian dining experience every now and again would have someplace to go. And on the water!

City Rides Seaport Wave [Herald]

Let’s Bring a High-End Indian Restaurant to the Seaport