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Here’s Wylie Dufresne’s New wd~50 Tasting Menu

The dining room.
The dining room. Photo: Kenneth Chen

We learned earlier this week that Wylie Dufresne, a.k.a. the Susan Lucci of the Beard awards, would soon overhaul the entire menu at wd~50 in favor of a tasting-menu-only approach and, well, here’s the menu. Diners will get thirteen courses for $155, and drink pairings, which are always inspired here, are an extra $85.

As is Dufresne’s wont, the menu just lists each dish’s main ingredients, so it’s impossible to know exactly what form any of these will take, but the chef’s penchant for jokey dish names — i.e., pho gras — and unexpected flavor mash-ups are on full display. We’re particularly interested in a dish called “sole, black licorice-pil pil, fried green tomato, fennel” because we can’t even begin to imagine what that all tastes like together.

Anyway, as the Times first reported, the menu will make its debut a week from today and will also include the option of a shorter $75 tasting menu called “From the vault,” which plays like a short greatest hits retrospective. That means lovers of deep-fried mayonnaise cubes — a group Grub Street counts itself among — can rejoice.

Also worth noting: If you’re eating at the bar, you can get any two items off either menu for $25, with the option to try any other dishes you want for $15 each.

New wd~50 Menu [PDF]
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Here’s Wylie Dufresne’s New wd~50 Tasting Menu