Han Dynasty Opens ‘Soft-Tofu’

Han Chiang
Han Chiang Photo: Han Dynasty

Word circulated throughout the city this past weekend that Han “the Man” Chiang had quietly opened the doors to the fifth outpost of his sizzling Sichuan empire. The website today confirms it with the message, “Come on down we’re soft-tofu open.” As you may recall, this iteration of Han Dynasty is located in the former home of Daniel Stern’s MidAtlantic at 3711 Market Street, which closed back in January. And what could possibly sweeten this deal more? Meal Ticket reports today that rock-star bartender Katie Loeb is signed on to develop the cocktail list. Expect Suffering Bastards, Flaming Volcanoes and other kitschy Chinese restaurant classics to be flowing in coming weeks. [Meal Ticket]

Han Dynasty, 3711 Market Street, no phone yet.

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Han Dynasty Opens ‘Soft-Tofu’