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Guy Fieri Opening Gigantic NYC Restaurant in Times Square

Setting up shop.
Setting up shop. Photo: John Parra/WireImage

It was only a matter of time: Guy Fieri will open a restaurant in Times Square later this year. A tiny write-up in the Times this morning didn’t offer much in the way of details, aside from dropping the name: Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar. (Was “Big Bite Buffet” taken?) But Team Fieri writes in to Grub to drop some more, crucial intel: The place will be in the former New York Times building*, it will be fucking enormous, and it will be as full of booze as it will be of tourists.

What to expect: three floors, 500+ seats, three full bars, and “a variety of private dining options.” Heartland Brewery CEO Jon Bloostein is a partner in the project, and, as such, there will be “an extensive draft beer program featuring signature beers craft brewed for Fieri right in New York City,” all of which will no doubt pair well with the “wide-ranging menu full of the big, bold flavors Fieri is known for.” That had better mean the barbecue-stuffed sushi rolls Fieri serves at his California joints. Without those, this place runs the risk of just becoming some kind of farce.

*This posted has been corrected to show that the restaurant will be in the former Times building.

Guy Fieri Opening Gigantic NYC Restaurant in Times Square