Did Gordon Ramsay Dump and Run?

Gordo. Photo: istockphoto

Oh, dear: Gordon Ramsay strikes again! He was in town recently to film a new installment of Kitchen Nightmares. The latest rescue effort takes place at the North End’s La Galleria 33. (Apparently Ramsay thinks the North End desperately needs help; he previously attempted to resuscitate nearby Davide.) Anyway, regardless of what he did or didn’t do for La Galleria, he possibly didn’t do the North End’s sidewalks any favors.

Universal Hub directs readers to Mayor Menino’s citizen complaint clearinghouse, a veritable wealth of sad urban rants and unrestrained tirades about graffiti. Here, an annoyed North Endian submitted a photo of what is claimed to be the set’s remains. Behold: empty boxes and several semi-open garbage bags, plopped atop a moist sidewalk! Euww! We know that Ramsay airs restaurants’ dirty laundry, but must he expose their trash, too?

Case ID 101000426018 [Citizens Connect via Universal Hub]

Did Gordon Ramsay Dump and Run?