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Apparently Dunkin’ Donuts Is an Instagram Must-Follow

So vintage.
So vintage. Photo: dunkindonuts/Instagram via Gizmodo

Do you enjoy gazing at photos of mass-produced pastries illuminated with hazy vintage lighting? If so, Dunkin’ Donuts’ Instagram photo stream is for you! Gizmodo ranks them as a must-follow, alongside luminaries including Newt Gingrich, Mike Tyson, and MC Hammer.

D.D. is the only nonhuman on the list. Their stream features doughnuts, some with bites already taken out, positioned tantalizingly alongside signature D.D. beverages (obviously), and sometimes napkins. Even their classic, alarmingly bright orange-and-pink color scheme is muted and soothing when seen through the comforting filters of Instagram, though the snaps are no match for shots of Mike Tyson stroking birds or MC Hammer’s photos of elderly people.

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Apparently Dunkin’ Donuts Is an Instagram Must-Follow