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Two New Farmers Markets And a Shutter To Come

“At market” Photo: DichoHecho via Flickr

Next week, Altadena will be the proud new owner of a certified farmers market, fitting as it’s one of the last few slices of L.A. that actually resembles and still serves as farm and ranch-land. The new market will run from 3:00-7:00 P.M. every Wednesday at Loma Alta Park and will feature a (Sub)Urban Backyard Farmer Project that puts the homegrown produce of seven L.A. County Agriculture-commissioned backyard growers onto the table (Expect chicken and duck eggs from The City Farm in Glassel Park and greens from Whittier Backyard Farms, among them). In addition, a long list of farmers includes Drake Family Farms and SunCoast farms and vendors announced include favorites like Bigmista’s BBQ, local Plow and Gun hand-roasted drip coffee, Sqirl Preserves, Shucked Oyster Bar, Fox Pizza Bus, Molonay Tubilderborst, and Sierra Madre’s Mother Moo organic ice cream. Where else will one market bloom and another wither?

LAist reports that the Sunset Strip, once the row to spot hungover members of Guns n’ Roses and various other streetwalkers of questionable repute, will get an evening farmers market on June 14 at 8755 Sunset Blvd., curated by Diana Rodgers of the Santa Monica Main Street and Mar Vista farmers markets. Unique to this one will be a “veggie valet” to hold the stuff you buy while you prowl West Hollywood’s restaurants, shops, and bars (they call this neighborhood sales synergy, we think). There’s also a promise of live tune-age, pop-up shops, and what’s this, booze! Five-dollar parking will be dotted throughout the street at a few major businesses, as well as one-dollar public parking.

Now for the sadder news. EGP reports that a recurring market program in Bell Gardens, spurred in 2008 by a “student-powered revolution” meant to incite positive change in the community (which reportedly has a 36% obesity rate and few healthy food outlets), is closing due to a lack of dough as its funding grant ceases in June. The final market will conclude manana, two weeks before the citizens and guests of West Hollywood get to clinking their glasses over their artisan pickles and gluten-free snacks.

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Two New Farmers Markets And a Shutter To Come