There May Finally Be a Farina Pizzeria By Mid-Summer [Updated]

Today we note a liquor license app finally going in for Farina’s pizzeria offshoot at Valencia and 18th, which finally, officially has a name. They were batting around Antica Pizzeria Napoletana a couple of years back (this project has been in the works since early 2010), but thankfully someone talked co-owner J.H. Kostelni out of that one, due to the inevitable confusion with Una Pizza Napoletana in SoMa. Update: Eater gets the word that it will be called Farina Pizza & Cucina Italiana, and they’re aiming for a late-June opening, however we’re going to wager that with all the other delays, that could get pushed too.

The space remains under construction and behind plywood, and liquor licenses take more than a couple of weeks, but we’ll see. Do note that this is just one of many openings happening both on Valencia and in the greater Mission in the coming months, representing the biggest boom in the neighborhood, foodwise, since the late nineties.

Rest assured, in any event, this pizza will not be cheap.

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Farina’s Pizzeria Offshoot Might Actually Open One Day

There May Finally Be a Farina Pizzeria By Mid-Summer [Updated]