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Disneyland Has Its Own Members-Only Supper Club; Charges $25,000 to Join

Club 33
Club 33 Photo: Pinguino via Flickr

Disneyland is always a reliable place to get separated from your cash, and now the theme park is opening the books to its secret restaurant, Club 33, available to a devoted group of mouse-lovers for $25,000, along with $10,000 in yearly membership dues. The L.A. Times reports that Club 33 is a 45-year-old restaurant founded by Walt Disney, hidden in the theme park’s New Orleans square and limited to just 500 members. And if you think that sounds kind of creepy, these photos of the restaurant’s interior probably won’t dissuade you from those feelings, but know this: Until now, joining the club, even getting on its waiting list, has been off-limits to anyone for the last decade. But the books are now being reopened for a limited number of memberships, along with an old-timey lounge that’s opening called 1901, with invitations being sent to the first 100 names on the 800-person-long waiting list.

You might think that the astoundingly long waiting list and extravagant price tag would mean members spend their nights sipping mai tais from the cryogenically chilled head of Walt Disney, but the posted menus on the restaurant’s site paint a more pedestrian picture. There is a dress code, but guys only need wear pants (no shorts) and collared shirts. And the most recent posted menu, from last July, lists ho-hum, dated-feeling dinner options such as braised short ribs with sugar-snap puree, and seared tuna with “lobster dumpling” croquette and candied lemon zest. Though it does look like you can snag a private photo sesh with Mickey and Pluto.

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Disneyland Has Its Own Members-Only Supper Club; Charges $25,000 to Join