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Devra First Is Growing Impatient With Patricia Yeo

Patricia, we love ya, but you’re bringing us down. The Globe’s Devra First, in a 1.5-star review of Moksa that mixes hope with wistfulness, crystallizes a sentiment we’ve expressed here before: “I want Moksa to pull itself together. I want food that is hot, sour, sweet, and salty all at once, that makes my taste buds do the wave. I believe Yeo can achieve this. But it’s getting harder to keep the faith.” So what’s wrong?

First laments shao bing stuffed with “beige”-tasting pork, pork belly bibimbap that lacks flavor and spice, and “one-note” lamb meatballs, interspersed with flashes of true brilliance. But flashes of brilliance can’t make up for things like “slimy, sour grilled watermelon.”

Will Yeo iron out the kinks at Moksa and hit her stride? Is there a stride to hit? Like First, we think so; we ate some of our favorite meals at her old Ginger Park.

First says in her review that it’s easy to get lost looking for the bathroom. One wrong move, and you’re in the men’s room. (This happened to us, too.) Maybe there’s a metaphor in here … somewhere?

Making the Most of Moksa [Globe]
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Devra First Is Growing Impatient With Patricia Yeo