This Was the Line for Del Popolo Last Night

Some were left sad, but many were happy.
Some were left sad, but many were happy. Photo: Grub Street

After all the buzz surrounding the Del Popolo pizza truck (and yes, we’re culpable too), Jon Darsky and his crew only made it about two hours last night before running out of dough during their first public outing at Bar Agricole. They’d prepped for 160 pies, and they were sold out as of 7:30, leaving some disappointed folks (pictured) to cry into their carefully mixed rum cocktails on Agricole’s patio. Alas, there will be many more chances to find the boys and eat their pizza in the coming weeks and months.

Del Popolo will be at Mint Plaza for lunch tomorrow with the small food-truck gathering there (that’s 5th and Mission, folks), around 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., or until they run out. They will neither confirm nor deny that they will be making future appearances at Bar Agricole, which is a nice venue for them given the big heated patio and close proximity of fine beverages. (We’ll see how Anthony Mangieri at nearby Una Pizza Napoletana feels about the competition, but he’s only open Wednesday through Saturday.)

Also, pizza prices remain at the bargain-basement $7, which we’re guessing will go up once they’re out of beta-launch mode.

As for other lunchtime truck stops, expect them to appear, as we said, at Sydney Walton Square near Jackson and Front Streets, where they were a couple times last week, with other stops TBA. Twitter is your best bet for finding them.

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This Was the Line for Del Popolo Last Night