Cyrus Still Battling Its Landlords

Cyrus's entrance is on the left, and the hotel's is on the right.
Cyrus’s entrance is on the left, and the hotel’s is on the right.

Up in Healdsburg, the feud between Cyrus and its landlords rages on nearly two years after owner David Fink bought the hotel property in which the restaurant lives. Now Fink has filed a new cross-complaint alleging breach of contract and some other stuff, as the Chron reports, and Cyrus has to keep paying lawyers to fight this. The Michelin two-star and Chronicle four-star restaurant is owned by chef Douglas Keane and partner Nick Peyton, and we first heard of the fight back in the fall of 2010 when the restaurant was served eviction papers shortly after the ownership took over the Hotel Les Mars. Then last summer saw a lawsuit brought by Keane and Peyton against Fink alleging wrongful eviction, civil conspiracy, and trade slander. Keane has held all along that Fink simply wants the restaurant space for his own use and has been angling for a shady legal method of voiding Cyrus’s lease, which still has thirteen years left on it.

Now the restaurant is even having trouble receiving its mail from the hotel, and Keane insists that whatever Fink says in the cross complaint or otherwise, they have not been in breach of their lease. “We’re not going to back down,” he says, “We want our trial date in July. We want it over.”

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Cyrus Still Battling Its Landlords