Tipsy Cows

Bovine Beer Pong, Anyone?

Bottom's up!
Bottom’s up! Photo: Wicked Local

A herd of thirsty bovines started their Memorial Day weekends a bit early: A half-dozen cows went on a “drinking spree” in Boxford, breaking into a backyard BBQ, reports Wicked Local. “I could hear them [the girls] screaming in the backyard and I hoped they weren’t getting trampled,” the paper quotes an officer as saying. He then witnessed “about 10-13 young people run from a picnic table where they had been drinking beer when the cows arrived.” They then scrambled onto a deck of the house to avoid the fray. (Wouldn’t you?)

The cows proceeded to help themselves to the beer, licking suds off of picnic tables and picking through the empties. The partying ladies, meanwhile, were “in shock,” unused to such rural shenanigans. Ultimately, the cows were corralled (the enterprise took a while, since it’s not easy to herd tipsy bovines). ““Because the cows were having such a good time at the [party] house, it was hard to get them to leave,” noted an officer.

Bovine Beer Bash in Boxford [Wicked Local]

Bovine Beer Pong, Anyone?