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Chefs and Restaurateurs React to Last Night’s Mission Hoodlums

Craig Stoll
Craig Stoll Photo: Courtesy of Delfina

Many people in S.F. are pretty annoyed today with the destructive shenanigans of last night’s protesters in the Mission, whose targets appeared to have to do with gentrification, but in so doing the original message of Occupy Wall Street — which had to do with the oppression of banks and corporations — got muddied once more. As restaurant owner and chef Craig Stoll angrily tweeted today, just as his restaurant Locanda celebrates its one-year anniversary, “Masked, coward occupy breakaway group egged, paint bombed Locanda. Attacked our manager. Pathetic.” The question is, will there be more chaos tonight? Business owners are hoping that Occupy organizers can get a handle on the black-clad splinter factions who are being blamed, but after dark there could be further property damage in store.

Hapa Ramen chef Richie Nakano (a.k.a. @linecook) sums up a common thought among the community: “So independently owned small businesses get vandalized but burger king and mc Donalds on 16th & mission go untouched? Way to go anarchists.”

Bar Tartine, which suffered some broken glass last night, twitters the thought, “We are committed as ever to being local: supporting our neighbors, farmers, fisherman and artisans. That is the spirit of our Mission Dolores.”

Wise Sons Deli tweets in reply to Locanda, Bar Tartine, and Four Barell, “Unreal events last night. we feel for you today.”

And Four Barrel’s Jeremy Tooker echoes the sentiment, humorously, by saying, “Four Barrel is not the 1%. In fact, we only serve whole milk.” More seriously, he adds, “Occupiers: if you could speak on our behalf and all other independent/progressive businesses, we’d appreciate not being targeted.”

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Chefs and Restaurateurs React to Last Night’s Mission Hoodlums