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Calexico Headed to Park Slope

Yee-hah. Photo: Melissa Hom

With Columbia Waterfront and Greenpoint locations, the gentlemen proprietors of the Vendy award-winning Calexico Cart have grown their street burrito business into a full-fledged mini-chain. The next move for the Vendley brothers, reports Here’s Park Slope, will be to open a new full-service restaurant in the former Blue Ribbon Sushi space on Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn.

Expect more of the same Cal-Mex grub at the third brick-and-mortar location; the owners announced in a note to the community that they plan to keep the same opening hours as Blue Ribbon next door and, approval-permitting, would love to serve beer, wine, and margaritas.

As Here’s Park Slope noted, Fifth Avenue between Garfield and First Street is quickly turning out to be an area with lots of great options, what with the soon-to-open Terroir, Blue Ribbon, Naruto Ramen, and Jonathan Safran Foer–approved Bonnie’s all on the same block.

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Calexico Headed to Park Slope