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Britney Spears Is Crazy…for Crawfish!

“Fuck it. I’m eating whatever I want.” Photo: Carnivalridexx via Flickr

Who among us hasn’t hit the wall at some friend-of-a-friend’s lame-o Brentwood barbecue and finally declared, “Fuck it. I’m eating whatever I want. I don’t care,” while affixing oneself to the food table? Of course, when Britney Spears does it, the world broadcasts that she’s “melting-down,” much like US Weekly did this week after the singer started muttering obscenities at a crawfish boil. Could it be the Louisiana girl just didn’t approve of our Southern Cali Cajun? Regardless, as we sign-off to stock up on the weekend’s booze and barbecue supply for the three-day weekend, here’s hoping you have a much better time than Britney and a much safer time than these guys. Enjoy this week’s celebrity sightings and we’ll see you back here on Tuesday!

Ago: Marisa Tomei grabbed a bite on Tuesday. [GS]

Brentwood: Britney Spears refused to play nice with the neighbors at a backyard crawfish boil. [Grantland]

Pacific Palisades Farmers Market: Jennifer Garner took her girl for some popcorn. [People]

Scarpetta: Hilary Swank and her man had a bite of pasta on the patio with wine last Friday. [GS]

Starbucks: Photographers shouldn’t be messing with Eva Mendes before she has her coffee. [People]

Starbucks: Jennifer Garner, sans her little yard-ape, multi-tasked with two cups of joe. [People]

Britney Spears Is Crazy…for Crawfish!