Blue Ribbon BBQ Launches a Food Truck

Smokin’ Photo: Blue Ribbon BBQ

Following in the footsteps of fellow cue parlor Redbones, Blue Ribbon has launched a food truck. This one is in Needham, at an intersection known for lots of traffic and not a lot of good food. The “Hoodoo Trailer,” if you will, opens today.

You’ll discover a slightly abbreviated menu here, more of a greatest hits roster that includes brisket, ribs, and sausage sandwiches; a few meat platters; and a small list of popular sides. Meatless mavens, take note: We didn’t see many veggie options on this menu. (The brick-and-mortar locations have lots of fun veggie choices, including very addictive green beans.)

The trailer is open from 11 until 7, providing heartburn and relief to the area’s slew of office workers, we’re sure. Load up before heading into 128 traffic!

Blue Ribbon BBQ Launches a Food Truck