Anthony’s Pier 4 Will Become A Hotel Restaurant

Hey, who says that hotel restaurants have to be boring, staid, and uncreative? Well, lots of people. And now Anthony’s Pier 4 will join the hotel-restaurant club, after years of negotiations and speculation about the floundering institution’s fate.

The aging seafoodery will make way for a multi-building, multimillion dollar property that includes a hotel, a park, and condos. And Anthony’s, in turn, will shrink in size and become the hotel’s very own restaurant. It won’t be a “mega restaurant” any longer, says the spot’s uberrep, George Regan; it’s not 1975 anymore, and Anthony’s is now struggling with tax payments, not doing the busloads of business it once enjoyed in its 1970s glory days.

Can 1, 000-seat Anthony’s refashion itself for the 21st-century diner? As much as we like to make fun of the place, it’s always sad to watch a disco-era icon cast out to sea. Hopefully Anthony’s, surrounded by a boatload of new condos, a hotel, and offices, will swim instead of sink.

Plans Afloat for Anthony’s [Herald]

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Anthony’s Pier 4 Will Become A Hotel Restaurant