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Adrian Grenier Wants You to Work for Your Beer

Yesterday we heard about Adrian Grenier’s ambitious new plans to teach city kids how to grow and cook their own food, which is an idea we can get behind. And now we find out he’s also an investor in a beer company that puts its pilsner inside old-school, flat-top cans that need to be opened with a churchkey, which is an idea that’s so incongruous with the first plan that we find ourselves again disappointed in the Entourage actor.

If you’ve ever worked on a chain gang digging irrigation ditches on the side of the highway in Kentucky — and who hasn’t? — you have no doubt uncovered many of these antique cans: Instead of a tab, there’s just a steel plate. If you are unfamiliar with such antiquated technology, The Atlantic brings you the full-bodied, chilled vision of your Instagram-washed future, called an “ode to the past,” and “the most original beer can experience you’ve ever had” in a promo video, embedded below, that seems to have been filmed in your bro’s favorite dive.

They even got that professorial guy from “She Blinded Me With Science” to intone the words “pure” and “gold,” and “a beverage as old as history” in the background of the ad. Sheesh. For now, we’re holding out for our dream beer-can gimmick, the Natty Light Signature Series Memorial Edition Side Shotgunner Can. (Make this happen, beer people.)

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Adrian Grenier Wants You to Work for Your Beer