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Which Pacific Heights Restaurant Had a Toilet Peeper?; Which ‘Established Romantic’ Restaurant’s For Sale?

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It’s time for a little restaurant guessing game, ladies and gentlemen. First off, topping headlines today is the story of an unnamed Pacific Heights restaurant, near the intersection of Fillmore and California, where a worker was recently arrested and charged with eight misdemeanor counts of illegal videotaping. It seems that David Talavera set up a hidden camera concealed in a cardboard box in a black duffle bag in the restaurant’s restroom and he videotaped six women and three men doing their business. He’s facing a year in the county clink, and is also charged with separate counts of engaging in prostitution back in January. Any guesses where Talavera may have worked, kids?

And we have a real-estate blind item: Which “established romantic restaurant” on Russian Hill with 49 seats and beer-and-wine license is up for sale for $235,000? It’s a fifteen-year-old business that changed hands last about six years ago, and they only serve dinner six nights a week. What do we think? Hyde Street Bistro? Zarzuela? Your guesses are welcome in the comments, as always.

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Which Pacific Heights Restaurant Had a Toilet Peeper?; Which ‘Established