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What To Eat at Eggy’s, Opening Today

Photo: courtesy Eggy’s

We’re in the midst of a rash of “diners” which stretch the concept of diner in new culinary directions. Eggy’s is different— it aims for the feel of a diner like your Uncle Sid would recognize, then surprises in subtle ways with new flavors and high-end ingredients. Take for instance the Green Eggs & Ham, which dresses up the basic concept with the chef’s grits of choice, Anson Mills, housemade Tasso ham, and Mexican flavors like tomatillo and queso fresco. Yet at the same time, this is a menu unafraid to simply whip out a classic Cobb Salad or even Franks and Beans, not to mention the comfy pastries and desserts of Custom House Tavern pastry chef Erin Mooney. It’s the brainchild of Custom House owners Peter and Sue Kim-Drohomyrecky, along with chef Zach Millican, it’s in Lakeshore East near Millennium Park and it should be open right now, in fact— so check out the menu below and then dig in.

Eggy’s Menu [PDF]

Eggy’s, 333 E. Benton Place, suite 103, 312-878-1222.

What To Eat at Eggy’s, Opening Today